The Difference Between Self-Confidence and Vanity Porno

What is the difference between vain pornoa and self confidence? Well porno in most cases does not make any sense, but when it comes to self-confidence then it does.

Some people fall into the trap of watching porno and becoming addicted. As a matter of fact there are people who watch porno all the time. It has become part of their daily lives and for many, a way to escape the stresses of life. However this does not help you in any way, it actually makes things worse.

The main reason why a person is addicted is because he thinks that his low self-esteem is what is causing his sexual addiction. This is a myth and a big misconception. Porno is very popular as a form of entertainment today. People from all walks of life are watching porno on a regular basis.

For those with low self-esteem porno can give them a release of their sexual frustration. To be honest I have watched porno too many times to count. When I look back at my porno videos it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that at the end of the film they look so real. Of course this does not make porno any better than masturbation, but it does help some men feel better about themselves. Porno can also help some people overcome shyness or being embarrassed by the opposite sex.

If you have any issues with your sexuality then porno may not help you at all, but if your self-confidence is at an all time low then it will definitely help you. In order to gain self-confidence you need to understand that you are a person and not a sex object. Porno is all about the enjoyment of watching people having fun, while at the same time they are getting pleasure from a small part of their body. When you masturbate it becomes a game and no one should ever do that. You can go on about how much you enjoy what you are doing, but in reality it should be done in private and never in front of others.

To add to the problem many people watch porno without even being aware of it. They only think that it is a kind of harmless fun and entertainment. If you get caught in this situation then the best thing to do is to seek professional help as it will most likely result in a permanent addiction. A porn addict needs professional help because they are not sure of what is happening to them. They can go from having a low self-confidence of zero to a hundred percent within days. with no warning at all.