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karvainen pillu

Hot Holidays in Karvainen Pillu

Karvainen Pillu is a hill station located in Kerala, India. This hill station is situated in the south of the state. This hill station is a popular tourist spot for holiday makers from all parts of the country. It has a lot of beautiful landscapes to be seen along the way. The lovely hill stations of the state make it one of the most visited places by honeymooners.

The place of Karvainen is famous as a beautiful beach in India. Most people love to spend their vacations in Kerala beach resorts. In recent times, tourists have also come to Kerala to visit this hill station for exotic holiday vacations. Most of the beaches in Kerala are world class and are preferred by vacationers from different parts of the country. This is also the reason that tourists are coming to this hill station to enjoy their vacation with their friends and family members.

A lot of places are found at this hill station that attracts honeymooners and vacationers who are looking for some exotic holidays. One of these is a village named Bekal. This village is located at the foot of the hill station and has beautiful backwaters. There is a boat house at the foot of the hill station, which is an attraction for honeymooners who are interested in spending their vacations on a serene and peaceful place.

Apart from the beautiful beaches of the hill station, honeymooners can also enjoy other natural beauty of Kerala. This hill station also has many temples around the area and is a holy place for devotees. Many tourists love to spend their vacations here and spend their honeymoon with their friends and family members. There are a lot of resorts here that offer different types of accommodation and this helps tourists and honeymooners find the best option to stay in.

It is quite possible to travel to Kerala during the monsoon season from across the globe. There are many tour packages that are offered for honeymooners and vacationers who like to spend their honeymoon vacations in the state. These tour packages include a trip to the hill station and back home in the form of a whole or part. of the vacation. The honeymooners can either opt for a full-day trip or a half-day trip to explore the natural beauty and historical sites of the place.

Honeymooners can also get a romantic trip to Kerala through romantic honeymoon packages that are arranged by tour operators. They provide honeymooners with a romantic time at the beach resorts and in their houseboats. These trips are an ideal way to get a honeymoon with your special someone in the lap of nature.

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