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iso pillu

ISO Pillow

The ISO will, which is sometimes called the Indian rice straw pillow is very popular in the south part of India. It is made from rice straw, the husk from which rice is sown is then rolled to form small pillows or cushions.

There are different ISOs available from local shops but there is a huge demand for ISOs in the cities. The ISOs made from rice straw are a bit different from traditional rice straw pillows and come in different styles and colours.

Rice straw is a natural fibre that makes it perfect for making cushions as it is extremely strong. It is also very soft and pliable unlike the rice fibre fabric that rice is made from which makes it unsuitable for clothing. Rice straw pillows have no sharp edges so they can be easily washed in the machine.

They are available in different shapes from round, square, heart and rectangle and have a cotton covering that resembles the grain of rice. They can be used on the floor or placed against a wall.

As rice straw pillows are generally used as a decorative accent in bedrooms and living rooms they are often made from a light material such as cotton or silk. They are usually made from 100% cotton as they are very delicate and can easily snag clothes.

As rice straw pillows are quite affordable, most people will buy several and store them in their bedrooms to use as a decorative cushion when lying on a bed. Some couples even have more than one ISO pillu to use as a pillow case or to cover a section of the bed.} You can purchase rice straw at many local markets or from your local Asian supermarkets.

Many rice farmers have turned their homes into greenhouses that house ISOs that they use to make rice straw pillows. This gives them a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

It is a common sight in India for people to wear rice straw pillows around their necks during the day as they feel comfortable and cosy. and the rice straw makes a wonderful pillow at night.

The rice straw pillows come in many different colours. You can choose the colour that is most suitable according to the room you want to put it in. If you are looking for a more elegant look, then try using the red rice straw, which is much more durable than the white rice straw.

There are rice straw pillows that have the names of famous people such as the British monarchs. The Queen is a favourite ISO pillu for her love of flowers and she has a favourite colour called Blue Topaz ISO pillu.

In addition to the traditional rice straw pillow, there are many other ISOs available, such as the coconut or the bamboo ISO pillows, as well as the bamboo or the silk ISO pillows. and they are all very popular and you can choose the style that you want.

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